Accentuating the Brides With the Jhoomar Passa

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Brides are always special. They are the symbol of a new beginning that is auspicious. To mark the uniqueness of the marriage journey, the Indian brides adorn themselves with jewellery. Gold is the symbol of inner strength and beauty and, to keep the spark alive, gold jewellery is a must for every Indian bride. Brides enhance their beauty with ornaments irrespective of their financial conditions. However, to complement the look of the Benarasi saree or lehenga on their D-day, heavy ornaments are a must. Apart from necklaces and bangles, earrings play an integral part in the whole process. One such piece of unique bridal jewellery is the jhoomar passa.

What is a Jhoomar Passa?

Brides symbolize elegance and tradition in all cultures. While the Hindu brides mostly opt for a Matha-Patti or a maangtika on their wedding day to complete their look, the brides following Islam often wear a different piece of jewellery called the jhoomar passa. However, ornaments know no boundaries, and the jewellery designers are now suggesting jhoomar passa for every bride, depending on their face shape and dress style.

A jhoomar passa is popularly Muslim bridal wear composed of pearl and gold. Nowadays, there are many alternatives to gold. It is a piece of jewellery that finds its location on the left side of the hair. It usually complements the looks of a bride who is wearing the traditional sharara dress at the wedding. The jhoomar passa has its links to the Mughal times. The Mughal brides were the ones to complement their beauty by wearing some unconventional pieces of jhoomar passa. This jewel can have many precious stones attached to the metal to enhance its looks. The stones like rubies and emeralds set on the base of gold or silver can complete the get-up of the passa.

Accentuate Your Bridal Look by Adding Jhoomar Passa

  • You can keep the design of your lehenga or sharara minimum to highlight a heavy jhoomar passa on the left side of your hair. Do the side parting of your hair and place the passa on the neat and clean side of your face. It will enhance your bridal look. Keep the makeup minimal so that the attention is on your unique and heavy piece of jewellery.
  • Make your jhoomar the statement piece by having a large one. The traditional pearl jhoomar never goes out of style. You can add some innovative touch to it by choosing the base of the jhoomar passa on meenakari work. The colour of the meenakari should complement the colour of your bridal wear.
  • You can also wear a maangtika along with a jhoomar passa. However, the maangtika should be the miniature version of the jhoomar. It will help to elaborate your forehead and the side portion of the face too. You will look gorgeous in it.

If you have a fuller face, it is better to go with a matching maangtika and a jhoomar passa. It will give the perfect bridal look. Add more colours to the jhoomar to make it an innovative piece. The maangtika can have some precious stones to complete the whole look. You can take the jhoomar hair to a whole new level by adding it to your braids or in the middle of your bun.

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