Confused Between Maang Tikka and Matha Patti Style Here Is A Solution

Matha Patti

A piece of jewellery that can make or break your look instantly is what you wear on your head, known as Maang Tikka and Matha Patti. It is ultimately a nightmare and great confusion for the brides, and otherwise also for girls and women in terms of choosing the right Maang Tikka and bridal Matha Patti form and style for themselves. Today, here are some simple ways to help you recognize the most enhancing or complimenting types from these two choices.

A Maang Tikka is a plain thread or a string with a pendant resting on the temple of the face, but with two or more strings and many embellishments plus a large pendant on it, while Matha Patti is an elaborate version of Maang tikka. These maang tikkas and matha Patti online shopping are also available. Your features, face shape, and the height of your forehead are a few items that will help you decide the correct pick from Maang Tikka and Matha Patti. 

Maang Tikka Vs. Matha Patti: Which one to pick?

  • As they make your face rounder, brides with a round face must refrain from wearing matha pattis. To create an illusion of a longer face, opt for maang tikkas with vertical tikkas (like diamond-shaped).
  • If you have a square forehead shape, we recommend that you go for a matha Patti. It will provide your face with a little roundness. 
  • In this case, those with an oval-shaped face are genuinely fortunate, as both matha Patti and maang tikka look just as lovely on them.
  • If you have a short forehead, it’s more comfortable to wear a delicate Maang tikka. Yet, opt for a sleek style if you want to donate a matha Patti. However, the brides with a big forehead will accept either of the two depending upon their personal preference and shape of the face.
  • Brides must opt for chunky matha pattis with a narrow but long face-cut. Some width will be added to the face by a large matha Patti. If you want to pick a maang tikka, avoid vertical tikka patterns.
  • In general, Matha pattis offer a more solemn bridal look, while maang tikkas give a sense of minimalism.
  • Despite the shape and size of your face, some patterns of both matha Patti and maang tikkas. So put your whole jewellery outfit and the bridal blouse on (if possible), and then try to choose between the matha Patti and the maang tikka.
  • If you have a big face, Matha Patti’s statement could look better on you than a tiny little Maang tikka. If you want to wear a maang tikka, pick one with a more prominent style to look proportional to your face.
  • A maang tikka is a better idea for you if you have a small face, as your face may look like it’s drowning in a matha Patti. If you choose to wear one, instead of one with a large, comprehensive design, pick something dainty and wear it higher than you usually would.

So, at any point, if you confuse Maang tikka with Matha Patti, all you have to do is follow these tips to choose the right one.

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