How Do You Turn A Necklace Into A Western Choker Set?

western choker set

An excellent way to draw attention to the face is by wearing a choker, as it is the most common accessory option. It has been the go-to jewellery choice for women with all kinds of personal styles alike since its comeback a few years ago.

With so many kinds of western choker set to choose from, the entire strategy of wearing a choker has also grown. But before looking at the different types of chokers, it is also essential to understand the difference between chokers and necklaces as many misunderstand one for another.


A type of jewellery worn around the neck is a necklace. A necklace can be called something with even the slightest similarity to a piece of string, rope, chain, or lace that a person wears around their neck. Necklaces come with a wide range of designs, patterns, and looks. It is possible to call a necklace a simple metal chain worn around the neck. A necklace is often known to be the same metal chain adorned with beads, pearls, diamonds, or crystals.

A good rule of thumb is that necklaces are used to enhance the overall appearance of any type. There is a fair chance that the outfit you are currently wearing will profit from a necklace since there are so many different necklaces. Making sure your necklace suits you is always crucial and adds something to your look.


The choker is a form, or style, of a skin-tight necklace. A choker does not hang loose on your upper chest section, unlike your necklace. A choker wraps around the neck alongside the skin. Some chokers leave a little breathing space, and some embrace the neck with a very tight grip. As long as the form from the front looks like a half-circle on your neck rather than making a U or V shape, it is a choker regardless of how loose or tight a necklace is.

While choker pendants are standard, most chokers only come with a chain and do not contain a pendant. The necklaces can be converted to a choker when it is worn so close to the neck.

Some of the types of western chokers are,

Blackstrap choker

The most widespread one seen these days. Everyone is pulling off the simple black strip choker sitting high on their necks.

Studded choker

This is another item that can be worn casually with casual eastern or western clothing attire. One can also buy rhinestone chokers in addition to the studded chokers. A rhinestone

choker often fits well with western clothing, given the colour combination you want to pair it.

Gold metal chokers

These are the favourite kinds of chokers for many women. Coming in a variety of variations, the gold chokers look incredibly classy. Studded with stones and pearls and having the embellishment of golden paint, these chokers are a must to add to this fashionable fashion range.

Kundan chokers

Kundan choker is a trending western choker necklace that can be held high on the neck in the upcoming wedding season. For years, Kundan chokers have been in bridal fashion, and the lighter Kundan chokers are another impressive addition to this pattern.

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