How To Style Indian Jewellery With A Western Outfit

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As an Indian woman, all of us love traditional Indian jewellery and pair it perfectly with your ethnic clothing. But have you ever dreamed of pairing your traditional jewellery with western outfits? Wearing jewellery has changed from only adding glitter to your outfit; it is all about making a statement today and stepping up your quotient of style.

The combination of Indo-Western clothing and jewellery is quite a bold fashion statement that illustrates your fashion sensibilities and how innovative you are. Western garments, with exquisite Indian artificial jewellery, make for a beautiful ensemble when done right. Here are some of the combinations to help you nail the pairing.

Statement necklace with a White Shirt Crisp

A way to express and exhibit professionalism in clothes is by wearing white shirts. However, after wearing them several times, they can get boring. By matching it with a beautiful statement necklace, give your well-worn white shirt new life. By wearing an ethnic skirt, you could continue the Indo-western vibe, or you could opt for jeans to make your necklace the focal point of your ensemble. It can give you an edgy look to pair your white shirts with a statement necklace and can be worn to work, small gatherings, etc.

Kundan necklace with a Gown

Kundan jewellery is no longer a typical range seen only at weddings and special occasions. Opt for a gown and flaunt your beautiful Kundan necklace if you have any function to attend. In style, Kundan necklaces are typically light in colour and large in size. To beautifully compliment your Kundan jewellery, choose a simple gown in a dark colour.

For a boho-chic theme, wear silver jewellery.

Silver jewellery, apart from other precious metals, has a unique beauty of its own. A very boho-chic vibe is given off by pure silver or even oxidised silver jewellery. To nail up the look, pair a maxi dress with a silver coin necklace. To enhance your boho-chic look, you can also pair a cold-shouldered top with your necklace. Pair your silver necklace or earrings with a formal shirt if you want a more elegant look. 

Bracelets instead of Gold Bangles

Bracelets are one of the biggest trends this year but bending the rules and discovering your style is all about fashion. By wearing gold bangles instead, take this trend a step further. Make sure your outfit is monochrome-nothing so that your bangle stack stands out with a loud print or pattern.

Anklets with cropped Denim 

A pair of anklets is another piece of jewellery that every Indian woman owns. Anklets are an ancient tradition that has been adorning our feet for centuries. Give your entire look a trendy boost by matching cropped jeans or trousers with your anklets. If you’re someone who likes to wear fusion, or who likes to remain fashionable, then this is your look. Instead of a pair, you can also go for a single anklet and make your style statement.

You can easily get artificial jewellery online India, and there are countless styles, designs and categories of Indian jewellery. You open up an even more comprehensive range of decisions by combining with western clothing.


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