Know About The Traditional Artificial Earrings Trends

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In our hearts and our bridal trousseaus, earrings have a special place for us ladies. Every piece that makes it to our bridal jewellery chest is selected with utmost love and thoughtfulness, from dainty little chunks and heavily embellished ones.

Here are some of the traditional artificial earrings:

Antique earrings

Although it’s called Antique earrings, it’s so fashionable nowadays that it’s worn on every other occasion by girls and women. They are made even more appealing by the simplicity of these earrings. Indian clothing matched the most with these earrings. This is one of those accessories for jewellery that has to be in your wardrobe. This is one of the evergreen earrings, and it’s still going to stay fashionable.

Glass earrings

The trending glass earrings also offer a western look that makes them more popular among all women. This is a sort of earrings that enhance the character and make it look even better and are usually worn in a western outfit by ladies, but it also suits Indian clothing styles.

Kundan earrings

Kundan earrings are the ones for you if you want to look ethnic. This has to be your go-to wedding and party earrings, as it gives us a beautiful traditional Indian look that makes the league stand out from these earrings. The excellent design work makes them more unique.

Temple earrings

Temple Jewellery is another style that has always been trendy. It is a pair of earrings etched with the figures of gods and goddesses decorated with simple temple motifs. After all, temple earring is an essential component of the jewelry collection of any Indian woman.

Apart from these, certain kinds of earring types have been in trend for an extended period.


These crescent-shaped earrings are a must-have in your collection. These are one of the most preferred styles for the exceptional charm that this unique form brings to the entire earring. These have their elegance and these earrings glam up every outfit, whether it be sarees, suits, or lehengas.


They are one of the most common types of earrings, and every woman probably owns at least one pair of them. These are everyone’s favourite, hanging from hoops, dainty chains, or even a massive stud and available in various shapes and sizes. With any Indian dress, they go perfectly and are a classic and timeless piece of jewellery.


As the name suggests, a chandelier’s outline typically gets wider at the end of these twin earrings. With only a single hanging drop left, some chandelier earrings can also have several layers that appear to narrow down at the top. These earrings are an incredible piece of jewellery that amplifies even your simplest outfits.


The most frequently worn earrings are dangles, commonly known as danglers, which appear to hang or sway from the earlobes. These are available in different lengths and sizes, ranging from a single string to multi-string or with little hanging elements at the ends, and go well with almost any outfit and should certainly go into your wardrobe.

You can easily find all these types of traditional earrings online and get them delivered at your doorstep.

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